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8 Serious Advantages and Disadvantages of Bureaucracy

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A bureaucracy is a type of large scale organizing, that normally refers to the government. It is a way of managing large numbers of people, that all need to work cohesively together for a greater good or purpose. Public as well as private organizations rely upon bureaucracy in order to keep things functioning smoothly. Many people argue that this type of organization is inefficient and a waste of resources, while supporters believe that bureaucrats are desperately needed to monitor all of the inner workings of the organization that they are used in. In order to better understand, let’s break down all of the good and bad qualities that bureaucracy has to offer.

The Advantages of Bureaucracy

1. Expectations Are Clear
Communication is the for front of all bureaucratic organizations. This means that all of the demands and expectations are made extremely clear, from the top down. Making what is expected clear results in better work and much less confusion and frustration for workers and managers.

2. Promotes Equal Treatment
A strong structure, and a watchful eye, that comes with bureaucracy, ensures that all employees are treated as equals. This helps to improve moral, and thus improves the rate and efficiency at which employees work.

3. The Policies Are Strict
There are no games to be played when dealing with bureaucratic policies. The sole reason that these types of organizations exist is to ensure that all policies are acknowledged and followed at all times by everyone involved in the company or organization.

The Disadvantages of Bureaucracy

1. No Wiggle Room
Often times, circumstantial things need to be taken into account. Whether it be the speed and urgency that something needs to be accomplished or special problems with an employee. Bureaucracy gives no room for exceptions, even when they are desperately needed.

2. Lots of Red Tape
There is a mind boggling amount of paper work and forms to be processed in bureaucracies. It can take a ridiculously long amount of time in order to get things done in organizations like this. This halts production and growth within the company.

3. Very Bad In Unexpected Situations
Unpredictable things happen. It is a part of life and business. Companies and organizations that run on bureaucracy are not equipped to deal with these emergency or unexpected problems. Whether it be a market shift or a natural disaster, the paper work must still be done in order for anything to happen.

4. Costs Time and Money
When examining bureaucracy in government, the biggest issue is the sheer amount of time that it takes to get any sort of goal accomplished. This time translates into money as well. All of the employees that are involved in completing even just one goal, is monumental. These employees are paid, and they are paid by the tax payers. This is the fact that comes under the most criticism from opponents of bureaucracy.

5. It’s Just A Facade
The more work that is required to finish something, the busier people appear to be. It is a fact that bureaucracies grow exponentially every single year. This is because the managers and other high ups continue to increase the workload to keep the appearance of being efficient and busy.

Important Facts About Bureaucracy

  • The term bureaucracy literally means “from desks and offices”.
  • Official documents and paperwork used to be bound in red tape, which is where the expression comes from.
  • Santa is the best example of bureaucracy because he first determines who is naughty and who is nice, he then makes a list, checks it twice, asks what each child wants, gives the orders to the elves, and then goes on to deliver the gifts.
  • Because of all of the bureaucratic hurdles, it can take a bill up to 7 years to become a true law!
  • Jacques Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay was the first person to coin the term bureaucrat in the 18th century.
  • Ancient Egypt is one of the first known civilizations to use a form of bureaucracy.
  • Karl Marx is the most famous opponent of this type of organizational structure.
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