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8 Julius Caesar Facts for Kids

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Julius Caesar is one of history’s most famous people. He was easily one of the most well-known figures to come out of Rome during Roman rule of the world. He was so famous in fact that an entire month was named for him. July was named after the great Julius Caesar.

1. Caesar is credited with bringing order back to the Roman Empire when there was a sense of lawlessness. The people of Rome were living in very bad conditions. The government was corrupt the ruling class was increasing taxes regularly but the people were not getting anything in return.

2. The senate was suspicious of Caesar because they did not want to be ruled by a “king” and they feared that Caesar’s goal was to become sole ruler without a senate but Caesar saw the senate for what it really was and instead of fighting for the rule with the senate he turned to the people instead.

3. It was not too long after that Caesar was in fact ruling all of the Roman Empire.

The Early Years
4. Young Gaius Caesar (yes Julius Caesar was Gaius Julius Caesar named after his father) was not born into wealth although his father did hold an important position as Praetor in government. Young Caesar was destined to be a part of government from a very early age.

5. He was only 15 when his father died. He joined the Roman army and climbed quickly through the ranks and made a name for himself. He took a wife and that is when his trouble with the government really began.

His Road To Ruling
6. His wife was the daughter of a politician that opposed the current power. The “popular” faction was quickly becoming more powerful which unnerved the than ruler.

7. Julius (he started using his middle name when he entered the army) was ordered to divorce his wife. Caesar refused and went into hiding but still had the support of the men he led because he had more than proved himself time and time again on the battle field leading his men to victory and saving a few soldiers along the way.

8. Eventually once rulers were changed he was able to return to Rome and climb through the ranks of government until he finally became the ruler of Rome. Along the way he was kidnapped once by pirates had a daughter named Julia and changed many of the laws and rules throughout Rome. The rest as they say is history.

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