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10 Hopi Facts for Kids

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The Hopi are a tribe of Native Americans that were largely an agricultural peaceful people. They worked the land by planting and raising vegetables. Pronounced HOPE EE the name means “peaceful people” in the native language.

1. This tribe is centrally located in Arizona where generations before have lived. The Hopi people are found living on reservations. The reservations or a land that the tribe owns is within the US boundaries but they are considered sovereign nations. That means that they have their own law enforcement, their own courts and their own rules.

2.Hopi are also American citizens so they are bound by the rules of the US as well. The Hopi speak both American English and their native language which is different from other Indian nations. The language that the Hopi speak is most closely related to ancient Aztec language. You can say hello in Hopi by saying “ha u” pronounced HA WHO.

3.The Hopi rarely went to war but when they did it was to protect their family. The majority of the tools that the Hopi used were for farming and crafting. When war was necessary they used spears, bows and arrows and fought hand to hand.

4. The Hopi Nation is governed by an elected tribal council. Votes are held and the council is elected into place. Years ago the Hopi were led by their Kikmongwi (religious leader). Each town or group had their own Kikmongwi that was also the town or group leader.

5.Today the Kikmongwi is looked at as a spiritual leader and not as a leader for public concerns.

6. Today Hopi’s live in houses like everyone else but in the past they lived in Adobe buildings that are made from straw and clay bricks. These structures were similar to modern day apartment buildings. Living quarters were stacked up just like apartment buildings. Ladders were used to reach the upper levels of the buildings.

7. Adobe houses could be rather large to accommodate many members of the extended family.

8. The Hopi Nation were great farmers they grew things like Hominy, beans, squash and other foods. They also grew tobacco and cotton. The women of the tribe would gather nuts and fruits while the men worked the fields.

9. Another staple was wild turkey, deer and other small game.

10. The Hopi Indians would trade with other Indian nations that would pass through. They would trade with the Navajo and other Pueblo tribes. The Hopi’s were well known for their beautiful crafts (and are still well known today for them) especially the hand crafted Kachina dolls silver jewelry, baskets and pottery.

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