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7 Ferdinand Magellan Facts For Kids

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Ferdinand Magellan was an explorer that set sail on a big expedition in 1519. He was looking to sale around the entire globe. You have probably heard about this explorer and some of his finds, but do you know the whole story behind his most famous expedition.

Here are some facts about Ferdinand Magellan that you probably don’t already know:

What Was the Expedition?

1. Ferdinand Magellan’s big expedition was paid for by Spain and set sail from Seville, Spain. He took along close to 300 men and five ships in total with him on his expedition to sail around the globe.

2. Once they arrived in South America, Magellan and his men started trying to find a way to the other side of the continent. It was then that they found the tip of South America after a few months. This eventually became known as the Straight of Magellan. His discovery was named after him to signify his exploration.

What Happened to All Five Ships?

3. Even though they embarked on their exploration with 5 ships, not all made it the entire journey. One of Magellan’s ships was separated from the rest and had to make its way back to Spain due to the tough and wild waters. Another ship crashed into an Island. This means that not all the men that started out on the journey made their way around the globe.

Why Was Magellan Killed?

4. The 3 remaining ships and Magellan still did not get to finish their expedition when they ran into a huge problem. Once they made it to the Philippines Magellan got into a fight with a tribal King. The cause of the dispute is not widely known, but Magellan was killed as a result.

5. At the time of his death, Magellan only had 18 men left in his crew and they retreated by setting sail toward Spain. They finally made it back after more than 3 years away.

Was it a Success?

6. Magellan’s expedition was costly in goods and resulted in the death of many men. However, it was seen as a success by many living in Spain at the time. It was the first time that anyone had set sail across the globe. This proved that Columbus had in deed discovered the New World. Magellan and his crew also discovered that the earth was in deed large.

7. Magellan did not return, but his bravery and exploration was immortalized.

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