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16 Skeletal System Facts for Kids

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Do you think that skeletons are scary? Even though you might associate skeletons with Halloween, skeletons are actually very important parts of our body. So much so that we must take care of them just like we would any other part of our body. To learn more about your skeleton, read on.

1. When you are born you have more bones in your body than an adult does.

2. The spine alone contains around 33 bones.

3. Many may think that skeletons are just meant to help us hold the shapes of our bodies. However, skeletons also help to produce red blood cells, protect our organs, and help us to physically move.

4. Teeth are not counted as bones. They are considered part of the skeletal system, though.

5. Bones are a very light and a very strong material. This is why they can withstand movements like jumping.

6. If a bone breaks it can easily heal itself. Casts are used by doctors so that your bone grows straight and correct again.

7. Skeletons of an adult have around 206 bones.

8. Each bone is made of 3 layers. The outer layer (compact bone) is the hardest. The second layer (spongy bone) is not as hard or heavy. The last layer is known as bone marrow and appears a bit like jelly in the middle of the bone.

9. Exercising and adding more calcium to your diet (found in milk and dairy products) helps to keep your bones healthy. You should also do your part to keep your bones safe from injury.

10. The jawbone is the only bone in your body you can actually move. It does so when you speak or eat.

11. You can find the smallest bone in the body in your ear. It is called the stirrup bone. The longest bone is the femur, which is connected from your hips to your knees.

12. Where bones meet (places you can bend in your body) you will find joints. Joints are made of bones padded by cartilage. Cartilage allows you to move your bones without pain.

13. There are slight differences between the skeleton of girls and boys.

14. Every 7 years, your skeleton is basically replaced by new cells.

15. Orthopedics is the name for the medical study of human bones.

16. Hands, fingers, and wrists contain the most number of human bones in the smallest area of the body. You will find over 50 bones there.

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