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7 Angler Fish Facts For Kids

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The angler fish is one of the most unique species of fish in existence. It has a very noticeable and even almost atrocious appearance that really sticks out. With a unique hunting method and appearance that can’t be missed, this is one fish you don’t see every day.

Here are some of the coolest angler fish facts:

Horrid Looking Sea Creature

1. There are few creatures living in the sea that have a more atrocious and frightening appearance than angler fish. They are normally dark in color with a brown or dark shade and also have extremely large heads.

2. Their size is a bit disproportionate due to their huge heads. Some Angler fish are so large that they can weigh up to about 110 pounds. Since they have such large heads, it only makes sense that they would be equipped with huge mouths.

3. They have mouths that are crescent shaped and are filled with teeth that are extremely sharp and almost translucent. They can range in length from 3 and a half feet to just under one foot long.

Where Do Angler Fish Live?

4. There are about 200 angler fish living in various parts of the world. They are normally found in the Atlantic ands Antarctic oceans at very deep distances. They often prefer to hide in lonely depths of the sea, but there are some angler fish that have been found in shallow tropical waters.

Unique Hunting Skills

5. Besides their very unique appearance, angler fish are also known most for their hunting method. They have the ability to move their flesh in different directions without actually moving their body. When they are deep in the sea, this ability to move their flesh emits light. This results in a glow that makes it simpler to hunt prey and kill. Once the prey gets close to the anglerfish, they simply gulp and ingest. This method for hunting is often referred to as angling, which is where their name stems from.

6. They have the ability to kill prey of all different sizes. Angler fish have been known to kill other fish almost two times their size.

No Male Dominance

7. In angler fish, females are actually the more dominant sex, which is different from most land or marine animals. Most males are actually smaller in size than the females and can’t hunt with the same ferocity that female angler fish can.

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