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15 Brachiosaurus Facts for Kids

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With Jurassic Park and other related media being released, their has been great emphasis placed on dinosaurs that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. With this emphasis many fictitious works, as well as exaggerated facts, have been made in part, based off the dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic Era. Dinosaurs are many children’s favorite animals, mainly because these animals are so unique and unlike any other organism on the planet. While the dinosaurs have all died out, with their relatives and descendants being the last link, there’s still this huge factor of mystery and intrigue whilst studying the dinosaurs. One of the most commonly talked about, as well as most appealing and interesting to kids, is the gigantic Brachiosaurus.

The Basics Of The Brachiosaurus

Back in the days of dinosaur life, many animals and organisms were much larger and stronger than they are today. While some animals have survived throughout, few are as recognizable or even as interesting as the large scale creatures that existed way back when. The brachiosaurus is no exception to this rule, as this animal was a very interesting and intriguing organism during its life. Before any interesting facts are told, however, it is important that we are familiar with the brachiosaurus as an organism.

1. Brachiosaurus lived primarily what is now known as North America, with proof of this being found in the fact that fossils have been located in Colorado, USA.

2. Brachiosaurus are part of the Sauropod suborder, which is a group of herbivores known to be able to reach incredible height and distance.

3. Brachiosaurus would have been primarily active during the Jurassic Era, which occurred 156-145 million years ago. Brachiosaurus were herbivores, as their diet relied mostly upon conifers and cycads for the animal’s energy.

4. The brachiosaurus was a gigantic dinosaur during its life, with some brachiosaurus being 23 feet tall! For insight on how far they can reach, visualize two double decker buses stacked upon each other, as this is roughly an equal comparison.

5. Not only was this dinosaur big height wise, as this animal typically 33- 80 tons, with its length being on average 82 feet long. This would come to be very useful for the dinosaur as this length and height would help it reach it primary food source of high foliage at the tops of trees.

6. The dino’s long neck and short legs made it easier to find such spots for consumption, whilst looking out for potential predators or thieves. Finally, the brachiosaurus’ name comes from the greek name for “arm lizard” which speaks of the body type of the brachiosaurus.

7. The brachiosaurus’ front legs are longer than its hind legs, which is unique to this dinosaur only. This is why the dinosaur is named as such, as brachiosaurus means “lizard knee”.

8. The brachiosaurus was a dedicated herbivore, so much that it is estimated that the dinosaur ate about 600 pounds of plants daily.

9. The brachiosaurus walked on four legs, which was different from some of the other dinosaurs that were alive during the Jurassic Era.

10. Brachiosaurus weren’t always fully known about as the dinosaurs first fossils were not found until 1903 in Colorado, USA by a man named Elmer Riggs. He was also responsible for naming the dinosaur, in which the original fossils didn’t debut in any museums until 1994.That is 91 years after originally being discovered.

11. Brachiosaurus were known to be very warm blooded, with the average body temperature of the reptile to be about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

12. Once believed to be the biggest sauropod ever, brachiosauruses are now thought to be lesser in comparison to bigger, stronger sauropods.

13. Brachiosaurus are often compared to the modern day giraffe, mainly because both animals eat a lot of vegetation, can reach incredible lengths and heights with their necks, though the giraffe has a shorter neck.

14. Brachiosaurus are thought to have very flexible necks, as scientists are still dumbfounded with explanations concerning this animal’s ability to reach incredible heights with its neck.

15.Fossils are still being found in parts of the world, suggesting that this dinosaur did not only lived in the North America. While all of these fossils differ in size and condition, they all speak of the incredible size, strength, and dexterity that the brachiosaurus held within the sauropod division.

For now it is safe to suggest that the brachiosaurus is a beloved dino to most, as this dinosaur is much more gentler and calmer than its counterpart dinosaurs. While research is still going on in looking for other dinosaurs, for now the brachiosaurus seems like the most interesting dinosaur around.

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