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10 Harpy Eagle Facts for Kids

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The Eagle is a national symbol for many countries, a majestic and wonderful beast that many nations look to represent themselves as a mascot for their country. While there are certainly a wide range of eagle species, many of these species are either overlooked or talked about less when compared to their cousin species. The harpy eagle is a perfect example, as this eagle is sometimes underrated when talks of eagle species is conversed. While the harpy eagle may seem unnoticeable or average to the average person, there are many features that certainly make this species ultimately amazing and special in its own right.

What Makes The Harpy Eagle Special?

1. The harpy eagle is one of the biggest, as well as ferocious eagles around.

2. Typically found throughout Mexico and parts of Central and South America, some eagles have been found in the remotest parts of Argentina.

3. As with many other eagles, the harpy eagle usually lives in low levels of trees in its rainforest habitats, for several reasons. For one, this elevation makes it easier to spot and catch prey, prey that is typically parrots, iguanas, and foxes, though these prey vary with the eagle’s diet.

4. The eagle also chooses low levels for easier transition of high to low levels, as much of their prey is found at differing levels of the trees in the rainforest, as the rain forest has among the biggest range of species diversity in the world.

5. Female harpy eagles can be found to be twice as big as their male counterparts, meaning they can weigh as much as 20 pounds, with a length being around 3-3.5 feet.

6. Harpy eagles face the same issues as other animals in the rain forests, as harpy eagles are often targeted by hunters and poachers who look to capitalize on the raptor’s size and beauty.

7. Harpy eagles don’t only face shooting issues, however, as deforestation is another big reason why harpy eagles are constantly dying out in their environments.

8. Though they only have a few predators as they are the most powerful raptor in the world, harpy eagles still need to be protected by certain laws.

9. One big advantage of the harpy eagle is the raptor’s ability to live continuously without food, as they do not need food every day. In fact, in some cases, these raptors can live and function normally for a whole week without food.

10. Though the harpy eagle is a raptor that is marveled for its brute strength and beauty, they still need to be protected, and if education and conservation isn’t spread, this wonderful species may eventually die out.

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