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World War Two Facts

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World War II is one of the most unforgettable records in the history of this world. Many people died during that war due to the fact that many nations are seeking for power and using all their might to destroy one another. And in this article, the most important facts about this event will be discussed. And those facts are the following:

1. In 1923, almost eighty percent of the Soviet male individuals didn’t survive in the dangerous attacks that were caused by World War II.

2. The most critical stages of this war took place in the period of 1939 to 1945.

3. There were two groups of powerful countries in World War II which served as the dominators in its history.

4. The first group of powerful countries that was organized in this war is called the Axis Powers. The members of the Axis Powers include Japan, Italy and Germany.

5. The second group of powerful countries who served as the competitor of the Axis Powers in World War II is the group of Allied Nations which was organized by the following countries: Britain, Soviet Union, France, United States and China.

6. The Allied Nations have successfully defeated the Axis Powers with the use of an excellent attack. Win started to turn in the side of the Allied Powers when the Italy and Germany started to lose its powerful defense.

7. The Allied Nations used an atomic bomb attack to destroy Japan and to make sure that it will already surrender. The plan didn’t fail and Japan surrendered after the huge explosion that was caused by the atomic bomb.

8. World War II caused a lot of destructions in the different parts of Europe.

9. Based on the records in the history, this war was the bloodiest and most deadly conflict in the past due to the fact that there were so many kinds of powerful bombs and war equipment that were available already in the different parts of the globe during that time. One of its examples was the atomic bomb.

10. One of the most powerful leaders in this world in the past who manifested great power in the whole duration of World War II was Hitler. Hitler was one of the most unforgettable leaders of Russia and this guy started to become famous in the different parts of the globe after the execution of the eighty four German generals.

11. In the whole duration of this war, almost four hundred thirty three medals were awarded to some soldiers who did their part in defending their own countries and nations. However, most of the awardees are already dead in the middle of the war.

These are the most important facts that were taken from the history of World War II. Hopefully, such type of conflict will no longer happen in this world at the present time. It is because such war will totally ruin the future of the ordinary people who are searching for a peaceful and enjoyable life in this world for the rest of their lives.

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