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Online Education Pros and Cons List

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In today’s busy world it may seem nearly impossible to go to school to get the education you want, but the emergence of online education has changed the game. Online classes allow you to complete classwork without having to leave your house, and at your own leisure. This has been a major breakthrough for parents or people that have to work full time and cannot go to traditional classes. Are people receiving the same caliber of education though? Let’s take a look and see if the pros out weigh the cons of online education.

The Pros of Online Education

1. Cost Efficient
Many of the normal costs that would be associated with taking a college course are eliminated with online education. This allows for the classes to be offered at a cheaper and more affordable price while still holding the same merit.

2. Advancing Your Digital Skills
Online classes force you to become proficient with computers, the internet, and other forms of technology. This is because it is the only medium that you work with for the entire class.

3. Convenient
The work for classes being taken online can be went through at any time. This is extremely convenient for anyone who has a busy and time constraining schedule. You can do the work at your own leisure.

4. Easy To Review
Lectures, presentations, and other resources that can be utilized for reviews can be accessed repeatedly and at any time. This makes it easy to prepare for tests and other projects.

5. Teaches Time Management
You are left to your own devices when it comes to online education. It is up to you to make the time to get the work that is expected done. Time management skills are honed and developed when taking online courses.

6. No Space Limitations
Classrooms can only fit a certain amount of students in them for each class. Online classes do not have these same restrictions. This makes classes that are offered online much easier and less stressful to get into.

The Cons of Online Education

1. Lacks Support System
While you can communicate with other students in your online class, and your professor, you typically do not meet with them face to face. Support that is offered in face to face classes are not as easily available to online students, such as study groups and clubs.

2. Technology Issues
Computers have problems, this is normal, but it can cause a very big issue for someone who is taking online classes. You ability to finish your work is hindered.

3. Compensating Workload
Online instructors will often give much more work than in class instructors. This is because they want to ensure that you truly understand the material, and since they cannot do in class evaluations with you, the extra work provides that assurance.

4. Experience
Going into class, getting to know your classmates and teachers, and the school itself is all part of the experience of going to school. You are taught valuable life and social lessons in these situations that you do not get with online education.

5. Computer Literacy
If you are a person who does not work often with computers or technology than online classes may pose a large obstacle for you. You must be proficient in working with all different types of technology, and this is expected of you before you begin your online class work.

Important Facts About Online Education

  • The idea of E-Learning is growing rapidly, but not only getting bigger, it is getting better.
  • There are more people enrolled in online education courses than ever before.
  • Over 400 colleges offer online degree programs.
  • 37% of students enrolled in online classes are the first in their family to attend college.
  • 70% of online students work full time jobs.
  • The economic recession of 2008 was the biggest motivator to improve the online education systems.
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