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Navajo Wedding Vase Story

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The Navajo wedding vase story is similar to that of many tribal cultures. The vase is a special vessel, intended for wedding ceremonies, as its use helps to create the beginning of a relationship were two become one.

Unlike the traditional vase design, there are two spouts on a Navajo wedding vase instead of one. Each is intended to represent one spouse in the dual relationship, traditionally the husband and wife.

Then, in the middle, there is a handle which connects the two spouts together. A circle, oval, or teardrop shape may be present between the two spouts and the bridge, which is a representation of the new circle of life that is formed by the marriage.

How the Navajo Wedding Vase is Used

The wedding vase is more than a ceremonial item. It is an essential component of the wedding ceremony itself. It’s use works to preserve the sanctity of the marriage contract being formed between two people.

Before the wedding ceremony begins, a holy water is placed within the vase. This liquid may take on many forms, but it is traditionally created, then placed within the vessel, by the local medicine man. Depending on the tribal traditions, the liquid may be a nectar, some tea, or purified water.

On the day of the wedding, each spouse takes a turn drinking the holy water from the wedding vase. In the traditional ceremony, the husband would offer the vase to the wife first to drink from it. Then she would return the vase to the husband, so that he could take a drink from it as well.

Then the bride and groom would drink from the vase together as part of the ceremony. Some local tribal traditions suggest that if a couple is able to drink the holy water from the wedding vase without spilling, then they will have a long, happy life together.

The Wedding Vase After the Wedding

Once the wedding ceremony is over, the wedding vase becomes a representation of the couple’s foundational love together. It becomes a cherished item in the home, with both parties responsible for taking care of it.

Should the wedding vase become damaged, then it may increase the risk of the couple’s relationship being damaged as well.

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