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Navajo Sandals

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Although the sandals have little, if anything, to do with the Navajo tribe, the Navajo sandals became a popular footwear item for women in the 1960s. Jackie Kennedy, who was married to President John F. Kennedy, had seen a cute pair of leather sandals on the Isle of Capri during her vacation there in the 1960s. When she returned to the United States, she found a cobbler in Palm Beach to ask him to make her several pairs of the sandals.

The sandals she saw were a leather thong sandal with a flat sole. The leather had a whipstitch edge and there were three medallions attached to the leather. When Jackie Kennedy was seen wearing the sandals, they began an interest hit and were in demand almost overnight. Although there is very little information about how they acquired the name, the Navajo sandals are made with adornments, many times in silver, that look like they could have been handcrafted by the Native American tribe.

The Original Manufacturers

One of the original makers of these sandals was the Jack Rogers company, which still makes this popular style today. Many fashion conscious women are well acquainted with Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals and the many bright colors in which the sandals are available. Even after more than 50 years after the sandals were first requested by the former First Lady, they are still a popular footwear item for the summer time.

Best Place to Buy Navajo Sandals

A great place to see and buy Navajo sandals would be on the Internet. There are several companies that make these iconic sandals, in leather and in other materials. You can view the sandals online and choose the colors you like without someone watching your every move like they do in most shoe stores. Shopping online also allows you to read reviews about the sandals before you buy them so you can determine if other people liked them and how that may affect your buying decision.

Navajo sandals are made in fun colors for the summer time or you can also buy them in looks that are suitable for dressier outfits, such as dresses, if you are going out with friends. Navajo sandals are made primarily for women, but you can also find them in kids’ sizes for girls as well as adult sizes. Don’t expect to find Navajo sandals in Navajo gift shops, but you can find them online.

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