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Navajo Sacred Mountains

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Navajos sacred mountains are something remarkable and certainly worth climbing for because of their inherent importance.
The traditional land of Navajo region is famous for Navajo’s people as dinette. The whole place encompasses a big portion of the Northern part of New Mexico, South East of Utah, and Southwest of Colorado and North Eastern part of Arizona. At this point in time the tribe is restricted into a small part which is the Region of Navajo, the biggest US Indian Reservation.

The Four Sacred Mountains

The boundaries of Navajo nation are marked by 4 sacred mountains: Blanca Mountain in the East, San Francisco in the west and Mount Taylor in the south and Hesperus in the north.

Blanca Mountain or Tsisnaasjini
White Shell or Dawn Mountain is the holy peak located in the east. This is situated in the eastern parts of Colorado.
Blanca peaks are perhaps the trickiest of the holy mountain to summit. This is quite high and isolated. This is considered the highest sacred peak among the four.

Mt. Taylor/ Tsoodzil
Turquoise or Blue Bead Mountain, this is the holy peak of the south. This is in the northern of Grant, New Mexico.
Mt. Taylor is the simplest of the holy mountains to summit. This mountain is located in the rural part which gets slight visitation. Even if this mountain is picturesque, it is barely challenging.

San Francisco Mountain or the Doko’ oosliid
Popularly known as Abalone Shell Mountain, this is the Holy Peak of the West and situated at the northern part of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Being a state highest face and a get away from heat of the summer for a lot of Arizonans, this sacred mountain is the most visited peak among the four. This mountain easily sees a lot of people compared to other peaks yearly.

Hesperus Peak or Dibe Nirsaa
Obsidian and Big Mountain Sheep, is the holy peak located in the north part of the La Plata ranges of mountains, San Juan’s Sub-Range found in the northern portion of Mancos, Colorado.

This might be the most fascinating sacred peak among the four. Hesperus has a remarkable look and easy to climb as well. Finding way might be a bit tricky most significant with the rock over the saddle. You will rarely see people climbing this mountain because of the terrain. This scared peak is an incredibly loose mass of rock and you might feel that you obtained peak above other sacred peaks of Navajo. This is the most renowned sacred mountain of Navajo.

There is an ongoing argument if what is the highest mountain between Hesperus and the nearby Lavender Mountain. If Lavender is the highest mountain then Hesperus Peak is not the tallest summit the range of La Plata Mountains. This doesn’t seem to affect the significant of the sacred mountain to Navajo due to the fact that Hesperus Peak is the local holy mountain for its famous and high flying outward show, if not it’s outright fame.

This four scared mountain plays a significant role in each and every Navajo residents. As it keeps the balance of the nation and help them to have a better life and keep the safe from harm.

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