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Navajo Mythology

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Navajo mythology is considered as one of the most interesting and fascinating folklore in Native American history. Navajo mythology and stories are encircled with highly interesting creatures like the coyotes and skinwalkers.

Navajo Legends

These Navajo legends have been taken and carried for generations to generations, and there is still abundance of myths in the tribe, but never discussed or shared to the outside world. Most of these myths and legends are only alive through artistic expression such as Navajo art and jewelries, which make it more attractive for the people of today.

Skinwalkers is definitely one of the most horrific and ghastly. Skinwalkers are actually witches who have the ability to transform into animals such as snake, bird, wild pig, wolf and others. Skinwalkers are believed to be malevolent and bad who only wish to do bad things such as killing and bringing terror. This Navajo mythology still fascinates people of today and tomorrow. As a matter of fact, many Hollywood movies and TV shows of today tackles the skinwalkers.

On the other hand, skinwalkers and coyotes are not just the interesting thing about the Navajo tribe mythology. There are several captivating legends that are connected to the creation of our world today and the connection between the living realm and spiritual world. There are several myths and legends that you can read from books, magazines to articles online, which will certainly educate you. This way you will be able to understand that every tribe has its own story, legend and myths. Just like the Navajo tribe they have a very colorful tradition and story.

Most of the Navajo legends are believed to be true as these stories came from the elders of Navajo tribe. They are the ones who were accountable for the teaching of these legends to their children’s children. This has made Navajo legend to survive through the centuries. As a matter of fact, even if we are now on a digital age, more and more people are still interested with the Navajo legends and myths as they are very interesting to know.

Navajo Myths

Some Navajo myths tackle the connection of human to the spirit realm. This makes this more interesting topic or theme for many people who are interested in the folklore stories. As a matter of fact, many anthropologists are still conducting their research and studies about the Navajo tribe. They are even interested to visit Navajo tribe to get first hand information from the villagers of Navajo. By this way, it offers them the chance to get the right data they need to prove that some of these myths are indeed true.

Navajo legends are indeed very interesting a reason why there are hundreds of write-ups and articles that you can found from the early centuries until today. Navajo mythologies and legends are undeniably an interesting topic to discuss. This is an ideal way also on how people can understand the relationship of the sun, moon and the stars. The folklore of Navajo will also educate people the old beliefs and tradition of Navajo tribe.

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