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Navajo Creation Story

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The Navajo creation is considered as one of the most interesting topics that fascinates people of today. The Navajo creation story that involves 3 underworlds wherein significant events occurred to shape the world we live today the Fourth World.

The Beginning of the Navajo People

Ni’hookaa Dine is the name given by Navajo creators. This signifies “Holy Earth People”. The Navajos of today distinguish themselves as “Dine” or the people”. The first ones to call them Navahu are Tewa Indians, which signifies “large portion of the cultivated land”. Mexicans call them as the “Navajos de Apaches” or considered as special group that is rather unique from the Apaches.

Dine considered themselves as people who emerged from 3 previous underworlds and the “Glittering World” by using the magic reed. The people came from the primary worlds before the fourth world were not like the individual’s of today’s world. According to Navajo creation story they were masked spirits, insects or animals depicted in the Navajo ceremonies. First man called as Altse Hastiin and the First Woman also called as Alsee Asdzaa were the first beings from the black world of first world. The first man was created after the meeting of black and white clouds. The first woman was created when the blue and yellow clouds meet. On the other hand, the Na ashje’ii Asdaa or spider woman who trained the Navajo women the art of weaving who also comes from the first world.

At the Glittering world, people are fond of building sweat house while they sing the song for blessing. The first house or Hogan is an important place wherein the Haashch’eelti’i or the talking God has prescribed. Through this people started to organize the world by naming the four surrounding mountains as designates the four important stones that are considered as boundaries of the homeland. Moreover, these mountains are actually does not contain the sacred stones that are very symbolic. The Dook ‘o’osslood or San Francisco Peaks represents the Coral Stones and Abalone. This is actually situated in the northern portion of Flagstaff. Sis Naajini or Mount Blanco is the Navajo’s symbol of religion. These mountains play a very significant role for Navajo’s belief.

After setting these mountains where they need to go, the Holy People or Navajo deities put the moon, sky and the sun and wherein the process of placing or organizing the stars in an orderly manner. Trickster or Cayote are impatient from long reflections being seized and held at the blanket where it flung and laid the left over stars through the sky.

The world of Navajo people is truly interesting. This is because they were able to create a great explanation on the simple things we usually take for granted. This will allow us to understand the significance of mountains, animals, moon, sun and stars. This makes the dine or Navajo people interesting to study. This is the reason why many people are still fascinated with the Navajo creation story. This will make you understand the reason why Navajo story is very interesting up to this day.

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