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Navajo Churro Sheep

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Sheep is an animal that symbolizes harmony, balance and good life on earth. Navajo Churro Sheep came from the Spanish people that have an inspired change of lifestyle. Considering the fact that the early people do not know how to grow sheep and other animals they sustain their living by hunting them.

The acquisition of Churro sheep started the realization of Navajo Indian people to do farming and pasturing animals to become their source of food and clothing. This sheep’s are of medium sized which are included in the list of domesticated animals. It has been the oldest breed of animal in the North American Farm. Churro Sheep has double coat that consist of the undercoat and the overcoat of longer hair. The undercoat of this sheep is thee soft wool that is being processed for clothing and home accessories. Sheep’s has been an ideal animal during that time because there is an abundance of grass and other plants that serves as their food.

Origination of Churro Sheeps

Since this sheep’s came from Spain they can be seen in different colors such as black, white, brown, grey, two toned, or piebald. Among the colors being mentioned black or white were the most common to Churro Sheeps. The scientific name for this animal is “Ovis Aries”and they were able to live for about 10 to 12 years of existence.

Since they belong to the family of domesticated animals a strong flocking instinct is to be observed. They find it easy to adapt in their environment and aside from that they are very resistant to diseases that makes them ideal to any type of season. They have been an excellent provider of wool because of their adaptability to environment, weather conditions and seasons which are being observed through there calm disposition. The wool from the Churro Sheep is very ideal for processing because it does not need to much water for washing nor the time to be spent for carding. The pasturing of this sheep has helped not only to provide food for the early Indian people but also to give them another way of making their own livelihood from the soft wool from the Churro Sheep. The fibers are of good quality and very glossy.

The presence of Churro Sheep culture in Navajo has made the place be recognized by the American Sheep Industry. For over 300 years of managing this flocks the place has improved their lifestyle and their chances of earning for a living has been made higher because of the quality of the wool being produce to other people in other near countries during the early times. The wool itself easily absorbs the tints that make it very easy to be processed at a cheaper cost unlike those wool materials that requires a longer processing.

The removal of wool of the Churro is being done twice a year. The colors of the wool are natural that makes it the most expensive among any other type of wool that is being processed and sold in the market. It is not only the wool that is really amazing on the Churro Sheep but the taste of its meat. When the time that Navajo was being relocated it led to total eradication of Churro sheep and all other things.

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