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Navajo Black Lips

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There are lots of bands who really strive to explore and create new musical territory every time they go into any recording studio. Indeed, there are others who have content to follow similar path all through their peak of careers as long as they actually develop and enhance in some other ways each time out. This is where the Navajo Black Lips merely stands out among other aspiring bands today. The band called the “Black Lips” seem to be chasing the latter approach, even if you had to be forgiven for not even noticing the stylistic differences and alternations between their 4th studio albums entitled “Good Bad Not Evil” and the band’s earlier efforts in music.

Why Are They Important?

Navajo Black Lips band continues splitting differences and alternations between their album “Back from the Grave” era of garage stomp and the post-punk noise merchants darker throb like the ones entitled “The Fall”, Thus, as befits the title, their latest album “Good Bad Not Evil” had bringing up a little bit more sunshine and glow to the mix and even the deeper suggestions of this kind of music come up a lot more from the band’s performances as compared to the recording and production, which is crisp and clear by the group’s gloomy standards.

Bass guitarist, Jared Swilley, one of the great band member’s bass was high up in the said Navajo mix, adding massive of minor key tension and bringing an excellent share of the melodies. Indeed, Ian St. Pe and Cole Alexander, both guitarists had used the additional room for shoring up the high end pitch with lots of cheap guitar bashing to the mix up. The band’s primal drumming; Joe Bradley holds the whole new thing in the place. The Black Lips through Good Bad Not Evil finds it going to a bit more obvious humor on tunes and mixed up like the country-accented “How Do You Tell a Child That Someone Has Diet and the ones in “Navajo”.

More About The Music

Moreover, the songs they have played like on “Veni Vidi Vici” and “Bad Kids” show off a playful tone and are lighter that what anyone else expected from the band. Fanatics of Navajo Black Lips band have been expecting a new taste and genre from the band themselves. They were rewarded upon the launch of their songs entitled “Slime and Oxygen”, “Cold Hands” and “I Saw a Ghost” that are patented low tech rumble and are just something unwholesome as their fans could wish for. Indeed, having their song entitled “Good Bad Not Evil” is not merely a major and primary leap forward for the band. Hence, it actually shows their sound is slowly yet surely evolving in the music industry.

The band still rocks the world with a nasty enthusiasm that is compelling and bold and this is quality stuff for anyone’s black light party. Navajo Black Lips band is keeping their pace on creating, developing, recording and launching of new songs and new genres for all their fanatics out there. With their exceptional skills, they always mark to various people.

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