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Navajo Beadwork

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When it comes to artwork, Navajo people offer numerous varieties of crafts and arts. Their collections range from traditional pottery and beadwork to fine paintings, photography, sculptures and other stunning works.

If you are fond of collecting the different Navajo arts, you shouldn’t miss to have the Navajo beadwork. Originally, beads were not very plentiful. That is why, Navajo women prefer to use a combination of both beads and quills. When the beads became abundant, Navajo people did less of the stunning quillwork.

Navajo Beadwork Rules

To give you some clues, here are the three distinct types of Navajo beadwork you shouldn’t miss to recognize:

1. Spot or Overlay Stitch – One of the primitive methods of applying the beads is what you called overlay or spot stitch. In this method, the Navajo women can easily curve their designs. This can help in making a perfect style or creation. Whether they want to create leaves or flowers, they can do these arts in a fast and easy way.

2. Lazy Stitch – This is one of the common Navajo beadwork types that are used by most Navajo people. It lends itself to geometric or straight-sided designs. It is also often seen on fully beaded pipe bags and vests. Sometimes, you will see this beadwork on the tops of women’s dresses.

3. Loom Weaving – This is the primitive bead loom that often used by the Navajo people. With the use of a row of holes made in distinct pieces, they easily thread the loom.

After knowing the different Navajo beadwork types, your next move is to know their finished products. With rising demands of beadwork items, more and more people are longing to create their unique styles and designs.
The Navajo beadwork products vary from one another. Some are perfect for personal use while others are for decorative purposes. For your guide, here are the top Navajo beadwork items you shouldn’t miss to get:

• Beaded hair works.
• Handmade beaded barrettes.
• Beaded keychain.
• Beaded hairpiece.
• Navajo beaded accessories and a lot more.

Since you have lots of options to choose from, you may be confused on what to buy. Instead of thinking what exact Navajo beadwork items you need to get, don’t hesitate to check the different websites that offer the same products. Then, feel free to compare one item to another.

Though there are various options to choose from, it doesn’t mean that you will find it hard to pick the right one. Most of the Navajo beadwork collections are perfect for your needs. You just have to check them one-by-one. In case you don’t have enough cash, you can depend on a shop that offers cheap and discounted rate.

Are you excited to get the best Navajo beadwork collections? Then, the choice is in your hands. Whether you want to get a simple and sophisticated type, you can easily get what you really desire. Just visit your desired shop and start buying online. Depending on your choice, you can get these Navajo beadwork collections for your personal use or you can give them to your friends as souvenirs or gifts.

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