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Interesting Arctic Tundra Facts for Kids

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The Arctic Tundra is very different from other parts of the world. Due to its very unique and cold climate, it looks nothing like parts of the world filled with animals, plants and trees. The Arctic Tundra is so unique that it is a cold and treeless plain that has very severe conditions. This means that not much animal and plant life can survive in this region. The Arctic Tundra might be cold and harsh, but it still spans about 20% of the earth’s surface, which is pretty remarkable.

1. It Is Really Cold!

The Arctic Tundra is so cold that the average temperature is normally about -18 degrees. It does get slightly warmer during the summer months, but it stays cold year round. Summers in this region are extremely short and winters experience temperatures that are even colder than -18 degrees. Even though it is very cold, it is also very dry in the Arctic Tundra. Only about 10 inches of precipitation can be seen each year and most of it is snow.

2. Arctic Tundra Seasons

The two distinct seasons that take place in the Arctic Tundra are summer and winter. Winters are long and summers are short, but long days take place in the summer and long nights fill the winter. The winter in the Arctic Tundra spans about 8 months and during the middle part of the winter it is not abnormal for the sun to not rise for weeks on end. The Arctic Tundra is typically frozen year round and covered with snow during the winter months. During the peak of winter temperatures can fall to below 60 degrees. The other end of the spectrum takes place during the summer months in the Arctic Tundra as the sun might not set for days. It is possible for snow to melt during the summer as temperatures can reach 50 degrees.

3. Animals in the Arctic Tundra

The animals that you find in the Arctic Tundra vary depending on the season. There are many more animals in this region during the milder summer months. During the summer it is typical for some birds and insects to hatch in the summer. However, there are other animals that have fully adapted to the temperatures in the Arctic Tundra and live year round. This includes the artic hare, artic fox, snowy owl musk oxen and even ptarmigans.

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