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9 Petroleum Advantages and Disadvantages

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Petroleum is a fossil fuel that is found beneath the earth’s surface. It is a crude oil that we widely depend on as our most reliable source of fuel. It is used to power many different things, but most commonly vehicles. There is quite a debate brewing about the use of petroleum. This debate is highly because of the massive industry that surrounds this type of oil as well as our deep dependence on a fuel that is non renewable and takes billions of years to form. Massive amounts of profits and it’s easy use are some of the great benefits, but the problems with petroleum are pretty extensive as well.

Advantages of Petroleum

1. Massive Job Creation
One of the greatest benefits that petroleum brings to every area that drills and processes it is the job market that it creates. Large amounts of people are needed for all aspects of the oil industry. From drilling, transporting, and selling. The equipment that is needed for oil drilling also creates a wide array of jobs.

2. Most Efficient Form of Fuel
Petroleum is currently the most efficient form of fuel that we have to power vehicles. Things like cars, trucks, planes, and trains all utilize oils such as petroleum because of how fast and far they can travel while using it.

3. Well Established Technology
The technology needed for most alternative energy sources is lacking and still needs much innovation. When it comes to petroleum however, all of the needed technology has been perfected. The process to obtain the oil has been done for many years, and no true advancements are needed.

4. Huge Profits
The economy is another thing that the use of petroleum benefits significantly. There is a huge industry surrounding fossil fuels. While the process may be expensive, the massive amounts of money that it makes greatly outweighs it.

Disadvantages of Petroleum

1. Emits Green House Gases
The burning of petroleum emits large amounts of carbon dioxide, or green house gas. Green house gases are responsible for the problems that we are currently experiencing with our atmosphere, like global warming. These emissions are given off from the drilling process as well as the cars and vehicles that run off of the petroleum.

2. Non Renewable Fuel Source
One of the biggest problems with the use of petroleum is the simple fact that it is a non renewable source of fuel. Since it is a fossil fuel, it takes billions of years for it to form underneath the earth’s surface. This is a huge issue because of the world’s massive dependence on the fuel.

3. A Danger To The Environment
Petroleum is toxic to humans, animals, and other forms of wildlife like plants. One of the big dangers surrounding petroleum is the process that it is extracted from the earth. Spills are a big risk, and are more common than people would like to think. When this happens, thousands of animals are harmed, water is polluted, as well as soil.

4. It’s A Dangerous Job
Oil field workers are placed in danger every single day. Many different things can happen on an oil rig, which is the facility used to extract petroleum from the ground. Fires, explosions, and falls are among some of the most common things that can happen in oil rig accidents.

5. Extremely Expensive
Everything surrounding the use and processing of petroleum is expensive. While it does bring in large profits, it is because it is so expensive to use. This is a problem for consumers because it is the only type of fuel source that they have available to them. The equipment and time it takes to harness the oil is also very expensive.

Important Facts About Petroleum

  • 50 percent of all the oil used in the United States is used by the transportation industry.
  • Texas leads the country in oil production.
  • Humans have been using oil as a fuel source for over 5,000 years.
  • The United States produces over 5 million barrels of oil per day.
  • One barrel of oil is equivalent to 42 gallons or 159 liters.
  • Venezuela has the largest oil reserve in the entire world, with nearly 300 billion barrels.
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