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9 Integral Pros and Cons of Animal Testing On Cosmetics

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Every single ingredient that is used in cosmetics has been tested on animals. Animal testing is one of the most comprehensive and accurate ways to determine if a product is safe for human use or not, and in most cases animal testing results are required in order for a product to be put onto the market. While animal testing is done to protect the health of humans, many people are left wondering who is protecting the health of the animals that the tests are being conducted on. This has been one of the biggest and long running debates in society, and some countries are beginning to take action. Do the benefits of testing cosmetics on animals truly outweigh the tremendous cost that we are taking on as a society?

The Pros of Animal Testing on Cosmetics

1. It’s As Close As We Can Get
The animals that are used for animal testing have an incredibly close DNA makeup to humans. Mice have 98 percent of the same DNA, while chimpanzees have an impressive 99 percent. This allows the ingredients and products to be tested on something that will provide accurate and conclusive results as to the safety of the product for human use without putting actual human lives in danger.

2. Protection of Human Health
Why is animal testing done in the first place? To protect the over all health of humans and to accurately determine the effects that a product or substance will have. This is the biggest advantages that cosmetic testing on animals provides, safety. They are able to effectively determine any problems that could cause major issues with eyes, skin, and over all health of the person using it.

3. Without It, We Would Go No Where
In order for new products to be developed, or better ingredients to be used, testing must be done for it’s safety. This is currently done on animals because it is the safest way. Without animal testing all innovation would stop in the cosmetic field, as well as the medical and many other fields.

4. No Alternatives
There are currently no efficient alternatives to animal testing. One way or the other testing on products must be done, especially when using ingredients that we do not have an extensive amount of knowledge on. Since there is no better way to do the testing, animal testing must continue to be done.

The Cons of Animal Testing on Cosmetics

1. It’s Inhumane, Plain and Simple
The biggest issue that people have with the use of animals in cosmetic testing is just how inhumane the tests that are done on them truly are. Some of these tests involve having their eyes forced open for days at a time and injection of harmful things underneath their skin. These animals are bred for the sole purpose of being tested on and live a life of pain and captivity.

2. Just How Accurate Is It?
Many people argue that animal’s skin is not close enough to humans to truly determine how safe a product would be. The blood vessels of animals are dispersed much differently, and reach differently than humans would. There is still a large amount of negative reactions to products that have been tested on animals and released into the market.

3. Expensive To Do
Costs begin to add up when you truly think about animal testing. These animals must be fed and housed for a very long time. The repeated use of ingredients also adds up quite a bit. It is believed that these additional costs that are incurred by the company to test their products on animals are then passed down to the consumer.

4. We Don’t Need Makeup
Cosmetics are not an essential part of living. Why would we sacrifice the safety, well being, and lives of so many innocent animals just so we can have new non essential items? This is thought to be a luxury that thousands of innocent animals are paying for each year.

5. Widely Opposed
One of the biggest problems that manufacturers take into effect when it comes to testing their products on animals is the wide spread opposition of the consumers. Animal cruelty, and testing, have become hot button issues that big companies do not want to get in the middle of. The loss of business has prompted quite a few companies to eliminate their use of animal testing.

Important Facts About Animal Testing On Cosmetics

  • The U.S. Uses over 100 million animals to test on each and every year.
  • Europe, Israel, and India have all banned the testing of animals in the cosmetic industry.
  • Mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, primates, and dogs are just a few of the different type of animals that are used in cosmetic animal testing.
  • Just a few of the big name brands that still test their products on animals are Avon, Dial, MAC, Rimmel, Cover Girl, Almay, OPI, Essie, Gilette, and Nuetrogena.
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