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8 Pros and Cons of Quartzite Counter Tops

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Quartzite is a type of rock, formed by sandstone, that is commonly used for kitchen counter tops. They offer a natural and sleek appearance to any kitchen. They are available in many different types of colors and are rapidly gaining popularity in home decor all over the world. It is a metamorphic rock, which means that it has been altered in some way, normally with heat or pressure. It is very hard, which brings desirable qualities for the use in kitchens and restrooms. Choosing countertops can be difficult, especially if your knowledge of your options is limited. Let’s take a close look at all of the best and worst qualities that quartzite counters have to offer you.

The Pros of Quartzite Counter Tops

1. Manufactured Products Have More Variation
Since quartzite counter tops are man made and manufactured, they are able to be manipulated in different ways than natural counters. This means more color variation and finish choices.

2. Durability Is A Must
Quartz itself is a very hard and durable stone, but with quartzite is treated with pressure and heat in order to increase the density and strength of the material. This makes it a great choice for hard use surfaces, like counters, because it will not scratch or chip.

3. Fascinating Patterns and Designs
The quartzite naturally has minerals and impurities within it. These so called “flaws” produce unique and beautiful patterns within the stone. When they are polished up and finished, the natural sparkle, swirls, and designs are on full display.

4. An Upscale Addition
If your main goal is making a fabulous, upscale, and beautiful kitchen, than quartzite may be the option for you. While it is very expensive, as all natural stone counters are, the appeal and elegance that it adds to your home is unbridled.

The Cons of Quartzite Counter Tops

1. Regular Upkeep Required
White the material itself is very durable and resistant to breaks and scratches, quartzite is still a natural stone and regular maintenance to ensure that stains do not set in are necessary. This normally just includes refinishing them every year.

2. A Tricky Installation
Due to the hardness of the stone, normal tools can’t do the job of installing these bad boys. A skilled craftsman, with experience with stone work and all of the necessary tools, is necessary for the creation and installation of these counters. This also greatly increases the cost for these counter tops.

3. They Don’t Come Cheap
Depending on the exact type you choose and the area that is being worked with, the cost of adding quartzite counter tops into your home can be a pretty penny. With high installation costs, along with huge material and labor costs, these counters could easily set you back over 5,000 dollars.

4. Can’t Stand The Heat
Quartzite is very durable, but the coating that is typically used can cause some big problems. It is largely composed of plastic, and has been prone to melting when coming in contact with high temperatures. This could mean hot pans or plates, or many other hot things that are in the kitchen.

Important Facts About Quartzite Counter Tops

  • Quartzite is made up of 90% quarts and 10% other minerals.
  • The average price for these stones is currently at over 100 dollars per square foot of counter space!
  • The color of quartzite depends largely on the area of the world it is gathered from.
  • Areas with a hotter climate, produce lighter stones. Areas with colder climates produce darker stones.
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