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8 Principal Pros and Cons of Fast Food

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People’s lives in today’s world seem to always be on the go. The world is busier than every, and we are developing things to help fill the needs that come along with the hustle and bustle. Eating is one of these. Fast food has been growing rapidly in popularity over the past couple decades, just about 25% of Americans consume some form of fast food everyday! Fast food is, well, fast. Along with being lightning speed meals, it is also very tasty, so how could it be a bad thing? With obesity on the rise and the true nutritional values that these combo meals hold, it is about time we take a really close look at what makes fast food so great, and what makes it so horrible.

The Advantages of Fast Food

1. Quick and Convenient
Fast food restaurants have the quick meal down to an art. You can pick up dinner for yourself or your entire family in less than 10 minutes. This is a huge benefit for busy people that do not have the time to take out for all the work and preparation involved in home cooked meals.

2. Great Tasting
Who can resist the taste of a hot cheeseburger, or fresh french fries? Fast food tastes good, there is no debate on that. Many people would not be able to produce a dish themselves that they enjoy as much as a meal from their favorite fast food chain.

3. Cost Efficient
You are not just saving time when you choose fast food for a meal, you will most likely be saving money as well. Full sized meals, complete with a nice sugary drink, can be bought for only a few dollars. For small, or single person, households this is definitely cheaper than all of the costs involved in home cooking.

4. Healthy Options Are Often Available
While not all fast food chains have joined the “light” side, many have. Entree options like salads, chicken wraps, and baked potatoes are becoming more and more common in these restaurants.

The Disadvantages of Fast Food

1. Health Hazard
Fast food is considered junk food. This means that it is very high in fat and sugar and very low in vitamins or protein. Consuming fast food too often can result in weight gain, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems.

2. Product Of A Lifestyle
A large majority of people who consume fast food meals on a regular basis, live a sedentary lifestyle and do not go on to burn off these calories. The fast food doesn’t provide a high amount of energy and often make people feel “sluggish”, thus further adding to the sedentary life that these people are living. It is a vicious and damaging cycle.

3. Excessive Portions
The sheer amount of food that is given in a normal sized meal at a fast food restaurant is mind boggling. They are encouraging people to eat much more than they need to, and they are. This is one of the biggest causes of the obesity epidemic happening in our country.

4. Hinders Life Skills
A young person who is living on their own most likely doesn’t have a large wealth of skills in the cooking department, which is why they turn to fast food. If they continue to depend on the fast food meals that they are used to, then they will never develop the skills they need to feed themselves in a nutritious way.

Important Facts About Fast Food

  • Nearly 6 billions dollars are spent on fast food advertising each year.
  • 1 in 4 Americans visit a fast food restaurant every day!
  • The very first Ronald McDonald was fired for being too large.
  • Nutritionists only recommended eating fast food once a month, if that.
  • A single patty from a fast food burger can contain meat from up to 100 different cows.
  • Grill marks are placed on the patty at the factory before it ever hits the grill.
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