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7 Prevailaing Pros and Cons of Hunting

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Hunting is a sensitive topic for many people, for many reasons. It is interesting because it is seen as a crime, a hobby, as well as a horrible act of violence. The arguments are strongly opinionated on both sides, and the real facts can easily be muddled in the heat of the issue. In order to truly examine the good or bad nature of hunting it is vital that we look at the facts of the situation. Below are the pros and cons surrounding hunting in all lights.

The Pros of Hunting

1. Over Population Is A Problem
Advocates of hunting will always bring up the same thing, overpopulation. When areas of nature become too over populated with certain animals, like deer, the animals suffer from starvation. The animals also begin to migrate into neighborhoods and towns, which cause major problems. Hunting allows the population to be controlled in a regulated and safe way. This also prevents suffering from the animals, such as starvation.

2. Food and Other Materials
While some people hunt for a hobby, they still use the animal that they kill. The meat is processed and either sold or consumed by the family of the person who shot it. Depending on the animal, other parts are used as well. For example, deer skin and fur is used to make blankets and other things and bird’s can sometimes be used for their feathers. In this light, the animal’s life is not wasted, but is used for a purpose, which is what the root of hunting truly is.

3. It’s A Useful Tool To Have
Hunting involves spending large amounts of time outdoors tracking animals. This is an experience that many people cherish very much because it is fun as well as educational. Hunting provides you with great knowledge of the outdoors, how to properly and successfully track animals, and how to survive in the wild. These skills are invaluable and you never know when you may truly need them to survive or to help your family survive.

4. Control Is Key
While hunting may seem like an out of control issue, it is surely under control. There are countless federal regulations put in place for hunting. Each animal has a designated season, and anyone who wants to hunt them has to have the proper license and areas to hunt in. This ensures that the issue is only to control the population and won’t put the well fare of the species in any danger.

The Cons of Hunting

1. It Can Be Deadly
When you combine guns, fun, and alcohol things can get dangerous very quickly. The majority of people that hunt do it as a fun hobby with their friends. This typically involves drinking alcohol and hanging around. When people are drinking it is very dangerous to also be operating fire arms. There have been many cases of people being accidentally shot and injured, or even killed, while hunting.

2. Trophy Hunting Is Wrong
While some people hunt for food and resources, others do it for a completely different reason, the trophy. When someone shoots an animal for a trophy, it is because they want their head, and nothing more. Often times, the animal will be killed, the head will be removed, and the rest of the body will be left to rot. This is an awful practice and completely in humane to animals. The issue is even more of an issue when you talk about rare or exotic animals.

3. Animals May Suffer
Opponents of hunting strongly oppose the suffering that is inflicted upon the animals for this violent sport. More often than not, animals that are shot will not die instantly. They may even scamper off and hide. This causes a great deal of pain for the animals and causes them to die a very long and painful death that is unfair.

Important Facts About Hunting

  • According to recent studies, there are over 70 percent more female hunters than there where only five years ago.
  • This makes teenage girls the fastest growing demographics for shooting and hunting.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most well known hunters in history. He created the wildlife parks for the purpose of controlled hunting.
  • There are over one billion hunting bullets sold every year in America.
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