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7 Chief Pros and Cons of Communism

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Communism is a political ideology, that was founded off of Karl Marx’s outlandish theories. In a communist society, no one truly owns anything. The communism relates to the word “communal”, the entire community functions as one body. Everything, all property and goods, are publicly owned. There are still countries all around the world that operate underneath a communist form of government, and people are beginning to wonder if this way of governing is as effective as they claim that it is. What could be the benefits, and what could be the downfalls of communism?

The Pros of Communism

1. Health Care For Everyone
One of the best things that a communist country provides is free and equal medical care to every citizen. This is regardless of what medical condition they suffer from, or the type of care that they need. This is untrue in other types of countries, such as capitalist ones where each person is responsible for their own personal medical expenses.

2. Unemployment Drastically Drops
The rate of employment in a country is a very telling way to estimate the success and economic standing of the people and the country as a whole. In communism all people have a job, typically one that is appointed to them. The entire country works as a machine.

3. An Elimination of the Social Gap
In capitalist countries there is typically a drastic gap between the wealth in the country. This causes crime rates to be high because people become desperate to meet theirs and their families needs. With communism, everyone is placed onto an even playing field, successfully reducing the gaps in the classes of people. Everyone lives together in harmony.

4. Education for All
Just like communist countries have universal health care, they also have universal education. This doesn’t just include primary education either. Most communist countries offer free higher education, like college, to all citizens, free of any charges. This further evens the playing field of the country.

The Cons of Communism

1. No Freedom
The biggest issue that communism brings is that the people in the society have no true freedom. The government strictly controls all of the inner workings of the country, which includes the lives of the people. This is not a good way for any country to operate under.

2. No Advancement….At All
Everyone is limited to what they are allowed to own and how much money that they can earn. This is a horrible obstacle for everyone, especially businesses. There is no motivation to be innovative, or creative in order to push the business into further success, because their level of success is strictly limited. Another key things to keep in mind, is that any money that you do happen to accumulate, ends with you. There are no inheritance rights in a communist society.

3. Poverty Still Reigns
While the social gap is gone in a communist country, this just means that the level of life is lowered as well. In order for everyone to be on the same level of needs being met, the level has to be set very low. Communism may look great on paper, but in reality the vast majority of people are starving and living in extreme poverty.

Important Facts About Communism

  • The true origin of communism is highly debated. Many people believe that it began with Karl Marx, while other believe the Pluto first wrote about the concept many years ago.
  • The Communist Manifesto is one of the most famous works of literature about the subject of communism.
  • There are currently still communist countries operating today. These include China, Laos, North Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, and Cuba.
  • It is believed that nearly 85 million people have died as a result of communism in this century.
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