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6 Emperor Penguin Facts For Kids

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Emperor penguins have truly their name. It isn’t because they rule over other birds. It is because these penguins are the largest known species of penguin that have been discovered by scientists so far. Standing up to 45 inches tall, the Emperor penguin is also unique because it is the only animal who can inhabit the open ice flows of Antarctica during the cold winter months. If you’re ready to learn more about these fascinating birds, then here are some additional fun facts about penguins.

1. They Love the Cold

Emperor penguins have four layers of feathers that help to protect them from the cold Antarctic winds. These feathers aren’t like your normal bird feathers that you would see. They act more like scales and provide a sort of armor against the winter conditions that are found at the bottom of the world. This also makes their coats waterproof.

2. Designed Well

Everything the Emperor penguin does is designed to conserve heat. It starts with the large amounts of fat that they build up through their diet to help insulate their bodies and provide extra energy. There be are designed to minimize the amount of heat that would be lost through breathing. Even there veins and arteries are placed closely together so that their own body can be recycled internally.

3. Multipurpose Claws

Strong claws can be found on the Emperor Penguins feet and this helps them be able to walk effectively on the ice. The design of their scale feathers also helps with the traveling process. They can slide on their bellies as they push along with their feet to travel long distances or steep terrains very quickly.

4. Dive Deep

Emperor penguins can dive deeper than any other animal on the planet. They have been seen diving as deep as 1,850 feet. They also have the ability to hold their breath grow very long time. Emperor penguins have been known to hold their breath underwater for 20 minutes.

5. It’s a Long Walk

Emperor penguins need to have a stable place to lay their eggs. In order to find these grounds, some penguins may travel over 50 miles across winter ice in Antarctica to find a place that they can call home. The male penguins typically reach these grounds faster than the female penguins do. Once everyone has been brought together, each pair will come together. Emperor penguins only choose one mate.

6. Hold That Egg

The winter ice of Antarctica is a very bad place to lay an egg. To make sure that the eggs are warm enough to have, male Emperor penguins will hold the eggs on their feet and then cover the egg up with a layer of skin that is called a brood pouch. There the egg will stay until it hatches.

These fun facts about Emperor penguins can help us to get to know these fascinating birds a little bit better. Through the cold winter winds in the worst weather that our planet has to offer, the Emperor penguins stand strong. That is something that can encourage us all.

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