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5 Red Eyed Tree Frog Facts For Kids

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When you think of a frog, you might assume that are all the same, but there are a number of different species. Red eyed tree frogs are brilliantly colored and have unique leaping abilities that make them incredibly unique. Their eyes are the most distinguishable characteristic, but they are required to help them differentiate between prey and predators. This amphibian resides within rainforests, but there is much more to its uniqueness than just bright red eyes.

Here is a closer look at some interesting facts that make red eyed tree frogs so unique:

1. When Was It Discovered?

This amphibian was first discovered in 1862 by Edward D. Cope when he was exploring Panama. It is known to spend most of its time in trees, which is where its names comes from. This fascinating creature even has a scientific name known as agalychnis callidryas. This scientific name can be translated into “beautiful tree dweller.”

2. Where Do Red Eyed Tree Frogs Live?

Reed eyed tree frogs can be found living mostly in tropical lowlands near South Mexico, South America and even in Central America. They live in rainforests, but their habitat is quickly becoming depleted. The red eyed tree frog is not yet classified as endangered, but this is quickly becoming the case. As rainforests continue to become extinct, so will the red eyed tree frog.

3. What Makes Them Unique?

Red eyed tree frogs are different, because they sleep throughout the day and hunt or food during the night. It is during the daytime that this type of frog is self -camouflaged for protection. They lay motionless and shut their eyes so that they can’t be seen by predators during the daytime.

4. Why Are Their Eyes Red?

The red color of their eyes not only makes them look beautiful, but also helps to keep them protected. These red eyes are used to startle predators that might approach. This helps to delay the attack and allows the red eyed tree frog enough time to escape from predators. When these frogs live in the wild they often have a lifespan of about 5 years, but when kept in captivity can live for about 10 years.

5. Monkey Frog

Due to their high leaping abilities, many red eyed tree frogs are often referred to as money frogs. They are known to be great jumpers and can leap distances more than 20 times their own length.

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