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5 Iroquois Facts For Kids

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Learning fun facts about Iroquois Indians allows you to take a closer look at history and broaden your understanding of this group of people.

1. What Does the Term Mean?

The term Iroquois has a deeper meaning than you might think. It comes from a French term known as Algonkian and is translated into English as “real snakes.” This term might be seen as insulting to some but this group of people were seen to be traditional enemies. This means that they were not looked at with much respect.

2. Who Were Iroquois Tribes?

There were primarily 5 tribes that were identified as Iroquois tribes. This includes the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga and Cayuga tribes. In time there was even a with tribe that was added and referred to as Iroquois, which is the Tuscarora tribe. There are even a few tribes that were periodically referred to as Iroquois. However, the Huron and Cherokee were not always a welcomed member of the Iroquois confederacy and actually warred with them from time to time.

3. Where Did Iroquois Tribes Live?

The land where Iroquois tribes live was located in the northeastern woodlands, which is now known as New York State. There are even many Iroquois that still call New York home even today. However, some members of Iroquois tribes were forced to move over time and relocated to Oklahoma, Wisconsin and even Canada. Many Iroquois descendants still reside in these 4 regions of the world.

4. What Language Do They Speak?

Since there were about six different tribes that came together to make the Iroquois, it only stands to reason that there were 6 primary languages that were spoken. All of these languages were closely related to one another in the same way that Spanish, French and Italian languages are connected in some way. However, it is true that many of the most powerful Iroquois men spoke Mohawk. This was the language that was primarily spoken at the Great Council meetings and was a sign of power.

5. What Do Iroquois Speak Today?

Many Iroquois that are still living have adapted to current culture in many ways. This means that they speak primarily English. However, there are many elders of this tribe that still speak their native languages. Many Iroquois still hold firm to their religious beliefs, but have adapts to society in other ways. Many Iroquois are still living even today.

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