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5 Arctic Fox Facts for Kids

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The Arctic Fox that can survive some of the world’s toughest weather conditions with ease. Its habitat is the extreme northern land regions that line the Arctic Circle and can be found in upper North America, Asia, and Europe. It can survive in weather conditions that are as low as -58°F and blends into its environment well thanks to its white or blueish-grey coat. As the seasons change, the Arctic Fox has its coat change to match the tundra’s new color scheme.

There are some interesting facts about the Arctic Fox that you might know about. Are you ready to learn more about one of the Arctic’s most effective hunters?

1. That’s a Big Tail

The Arctic Fox has a lot in common with a cat when it comes to their tail. Just like a cat uses its tail for balance, the Arctic Fox will use it to perch in sometimes seemingly impossible positions so they can effectively hunt. The big tail also serves a secondary purpose: it can help them stay warm during the coldest days of the year.

2. Follow the Leader

In the depths of winter, the arctic can be a brutal place. It is so difficult to survive that most animals just seek shelter or migrate away to enjoy the warmer weather that is further south. The Arctic Fox has learned that there’s a third way to survive: by letting another animal do the hunting work for you. If you see a polar bear in the wild during the Arctic winter, there’s a good chance that you’ll also see a fox that’s not too far behind.

3. That’s a Furry Paw

Like the other animals that belong to its family, the Arctic Fox has pads on its feet that help it to maintain a grip on the ground or ice. What is different about this animal, however, is that their paws are also lined with a nice layer of fur. This helps to protect the pads of the paw from frostbite and does double duty as an energy conservation tool as well.

4. Listen to the Sounds

The pointed ears of the Arctic Fox act as an amplifier for the soundwaves that exist around them. Their hearing is so good that they can hear rodents who are living underneath the ground in tunnels. To catch their prey, the fox will hold very still until just the right moment. Then, with a flying leap, they will pounce on top of the rodent much like a cat. They rarely miss because their timing is so perfect.

5. Some Warm Fur For Sure

The Arctic Fox is believed to have the warmest fur of any other mammal on the planet. Not only is it nice and thick, but it also provides some protection against precipitation that could dramatically lower its body temperature. When it gets colder out, the Arctic Fox also has a second gear of a metabolism that kicks in so that it can stay naturally warmer too.

Arctic Foxes are smart like a cat, have senses like a dog, and the intelligence to know that other animals can do their hunting work for them. All of these facts, when put together, give us a glimpse of one of the world’s most unique animals in a very personal way.

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