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4 Tasmanian Devil Facts For Kids

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The Tasmanian devil is probably best known to children from cartoons, where it’s depicted as a speechless, spinning animal that eats just about everything in its path. While this isn’t actually the most accurate way to describe a real Tasmanian devil, they are very strong creatures who can also be very dangerous. Check out some fun facts about them and what they really are and how they really behave, so you know the difference between cartoons and what’s real.

What They Look Like

1. A real Tasmanian devil is only found in parts of Australia, and it’s actually something like a rat but the size of a small dog. It is believed to be part of the opossum family rather than being a dog or rat. It has black fur and a very strong smell to it, and also has a thick body and tail, short legs, and long snout that makes it look like a rat.

2. The devil as it’s called can climb trees and even swim because its legs are so strong and because it has long, sharp claws that allow it to grip tree trunks. It makes a screeching sound that is part of why it’s called a devil, since the sound is so disturbing and annoying. It’s a very fast runner and a very good hunter, which can also make it dangerous for humans. The Tasmanian devil doesn’t attack humans but it can hunt small pets you may keep at home! It may also go through garbage looking for food and eats many types of household products.

How It Behaves

3. The Tasmanian devil is known for how fierce it is when its eats. It has a thick, strong jaw and neck which give it one of the strongest bites for an animal its size. It will eat dead animals and just about anything it can hunt and kill. The Tasmanian devil is usually a loner, living by itself and hunting by itself, but sometimes a few of them are seen in the same area even though they aren’t actually in a group.

4. These devils live in dens when they’re not hunting and outside eating, and they also use the same dens for life. They are also known to steal clothes, blankets, and other items from campers and even clotheslines so that they can use them to line their dens and keep them warm at night!

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