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11 Prominent Pros and Cons of Cell Phones

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Cell phones, or wireless telephones, are devices used to communicate that do not require you to be plugged into anything. Instead of using physical land lines, they use signals from cellular towers placed throughout the world to make phones calls, send messages, and even browse the internet or play a game. Cell phones have completely changed the way that our world and society works, making it the wireless age of technology. Cell phones have become a necessity in our lives and an integral part in the ways that we communicate with one another, entertain ourselves, and even the way that we act. While there are some wonderful things that wireless phones have brought to us, some of the negative effects just simply cannot be ignored.

The Pros of Cell Phones

1. Staying In Touch Is Easier Than Ever
No matter where you are or what you are doing a cell phone gives you the ability to communicate with anyone in the entire world. Whether you just want to check up on the kids, or don’t want to miss a call from a family member traveling abroad, cell phones give you instant access to all of the people you need to be in touch with.

2. GPS Is A Lifesaver…Literally!
GPS, which stands for global positioning system, comes standard in each and every cell phone. This not only gives you directions so you’re never lost, but it helps to locate missing people and criminals on the run. The police are able to pinpoint exact locations of cell phone signals which has helped to find missing children, people who are in danger, and solve numerous amounts of crimes.

3. Endless Information
With the advancing technology, we are closer to information than ever. The answers to any question we have or any problem we are having can be found with just a couple taps of the fingers or clicks of the buttons. With cell phones, this information is available to us at all times, unless you have a bad signal of course. You can instantly look up movie times, check prices, or even look at the weather for you area on a cell phone.

4. Endless Entertainment Too
Information and communication are not the only things that cell phones are used for, entertainment is a big one too! There are all kinds of games, apps, and fun things that you can do on your cell phone that can easily entertain you for hours. You can even watch movies and television shows!

5. Capture Every Moment
Life is full of precious moments, and before, if you didn’t have a camera of video recorder on hand, you couldn’t capture them. Now, however, cell phones come equipped with some pretty impressive camera equipment. High quality cameras that double as video devices come on just about every cell phone you can purchase now. Since most people always have their cellular devices with them, they also have the ability to capture all of life’s little moments.

The Cons of Cell Phones

1. Work Isn’t Just For Work Anymore
You can access all types of things through cell phones, including email. This means that people can work from anywhere, which may seem like a good thing, but it truly isn’t. People with children and families need the separation of work and home life in order to give their children the full attention that they need. If they are constantly typing away on their phone, or taking important calls, then they might as well still be at the office.

2. The Addiction Is Real
People can become addicted to all sorts of things, and cell phones are no exception. Cell phone addiction is a real thing, and it is running rampant through out our entire society. When people go out to eat with their family or friends, instead of having conversations and making memories, they are glued to their cellular devices. It’s becoming harder and harder to separate cell phones from real life.

3. Danger Will Robinson!
While the GPS feature on cell phones has the ability to save lives, cell phones are the cause of many more deaths. The biggest concern is when driving. People have a hard time resisting the urge to check that new message or to update that status just one more time. This causes drivers to become distracted from the road, even completely looking away from it, and have crashes that injure or kill themselves and others. This is one of the biggest problems the world is currently facing revolving cell phone usage.

4. Good Luck Keepin’ Up
Every single year dozens of new models of cell phones are released, and the older models slowly become incompatible with new software and obsolete. You will inevitably have to replace your cell phone every so often, and even more if you want to be up to date with all of the new technology.

5. Exploitation Made Simple
Having the ability to take videos and pictures everywhere you go has some great benefits to it, but some pretty nasty ones to. People have begun to alter the way that they act in public, for the fear of being recorded or photographed and going “viral”. This also gives people the ability to take pictures and recordings of people without their knowledge and use it to harm them.

6. It’s Gonna Cost Ya
Cell phones are expensive. That is a simple fact. Every single aspect of having and using a cell phone costs money, and typically it costs you money every single month. Cell phone plans are expensive, and the cell phones themselves are even more pricey.

Important Facts About Cell Phones

  • The first cell phone that was made public was done by Martin Cooper in 1973.
  • It weight a whopping 2 and a half pounds and only had a battery life of 20 minutes.
  • A new version of “Iphone” is released every single year.
  • Today, there are currently 6.8 billion cell phone subscribers in the world. This is a pretty impressive number considering there are only 7 billion people in the world.
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