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10 Salamander Facts for Kids

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1. Salamanders are plentiful in the amphibian community. There are about 500 members of the amphibian community that can be considered salamanders. They have long bodies and tails with short legs. Most of the species are relatively small in size but 2 of the species can grow up to 5 feet in length.

2.They are found in one form or another all over the northern hemisphere of the planet in moist areas. Some species actually live in the water they are known as aquatic salamanders but most species just like to live in moist places.

3. They can be found around rivers, streams, creeks, under rocks, near ponds and lakes just about any place where there is water nearby there are salamanders. Some species spend half their time in water and half their time on land while others still stay in the water until they reach a certain age than they move to a completely terrestrial life on land.

4. All salamanders start out in the water as eggs.

Regenerative Properties

5. Salamanders have the ability to regrow limbs and their tail. As a matter of fact some salamanders will eject their tail when they are afraid to confuse a predator. It typically takes about a week for them to regenerate the lost limb or tail.

6. Their regenerative properties make them of great interest to scientists. Being able to duplicate their gene code to regrow limbs is a phenomenal ability.

Little Known Facts

7. Salamanders are nocturnal. Their tongues can be ten times longer than their bodies. The largest salamander species is the Chinese Salamander is the largest and can grow up to five feet long. North America is home to more salamanders than the entire rest of the world.

8. They can have teeth. Some species of salamander has teeth, they can bite and it can pinch when they do. Some salamanders are poisonous. They carry toxins in their skin that they release when a predator tries to eat them. They are often confused with lizards but they are a completely different type of animal. Lizards are reptiles and salamanders are amphibians.

9. They are a good sign that a body of water is healthy. They have fragile systems and cannot survive in brackish water or water that has pollutants in them.

10. They are one of the most captured animals for research. Salamanders come in a rainbow of colors. The different species can live together peacefully.

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