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7 Important Pros and Cons of Factory Farming

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One of the biggest issues in today’s world is just how many people there are. There are currently over 6 billion people on the planet, and all of these people need to be fed. The traditional forms of farming just simply don’t cut it anymore. The massive amounts of meat that is needed ever single day is insane, so people jumped on board to think of a solution. Factory farming was then born. Factory farming is the practice of mass producing animals, within factories, whose only purpose from birth is to be eaten. This type of farming has rapidly increased in it’s use, but recent studies and trends are displaying a major move away from this practice. Why is this?

The Pros of Factory Farming

1. Massive Job Creation
One inarguable fact is that factory farming brings a huge amount of jobs to the areas that they are in. Jobs in today’s economy are the most valuable thing, and something that you simply cannot over look when evaluating the benefit of something such as factory farming.

2. Food Prices Drop
Factory farming allows food to be created and produced at a much more efficient pace than traditional farming. Since it requires less time and energy to create the food, it also means that it can be sold at a lower price. This is beneficial for the entire world, because food is a necessity and everyone should be able to afford it.

3. Rapid Production
The demand for food is higher than it has ever been. In order to keep up with this growing need, factory farming is desperately needed. These factories are able to produce food at a tremendously faster rate than traditional farming can.

4. Huge Profits
Factory farming is a wonderful business to be in and brings in great profits. These profits benefit the people that own the farms, the communities that they are located in, and the entire economy.

The Cons of Factory Farming

1. It’s Animal Cruelty
The biggest problem with the factory farming world is how the animals are treated. Rather than being treated like actual living beings, which is what they are. From the moment these animals are born, they are put into very small and cramped enclosures that foster disease and are inhumane. This is the only life that these animals ever know, which is terribly sad.

2. Additives Galore
The main goal in factory farms is profit, and they will do just about anything to make more money off of these animals. They often do this by pumping them full of artificial growth hormones that are a safety concern for the humans that consume the animal products.

3. The Environment Pays the Price
One thing that there is plenty of at factory farms is waste products. A typical factory farm has thousands of animals and all of these animals produce waste. The waste is then put into the land which harms the soil, the surrounding water, and even the atmosphere.

Important Facts About Factory Farming

  • Even the food that is fed to the animals in a factory farm is grown in industrial facilities.
  • Over 35 thousands miles of rivers have been contaminated from the waste of factory farms.
  • The beaks of factory chickens are cut off so that they do not harm themselves or other chickens around them.
  • Each year, 70 billion animals are raised in factory farms for food.
  • Male chicks, since they cannot lay eggs, are ground up on the very same day they are born.
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